Experimento de la ciencia con

Experimento de la ciencia con 1.0.1

Kids love experimenting with new things.

Kids love experimenting with new things.

Kids love experimenting with new things. They always love taking challenges. Science experiments with eggs will be a perfect app for all those curious and eager kids who have a thirst to learn more of science and experiments on eggs. Kids won’t have to wait to get to higher classes to be able to perform a lot of real world experiments on eggs they can do it right now with lot of fun and learning.


1) The app consists of 9 different experiments on eggs.

2) Do the experiments on eggs with a perfect guidance.

3) You will be given a variety of different apparatus used for every experiment.

4) Learn the final conclusion at the end of every experiment.

5) Share your experiments and knowledge with friends.

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Experimento de la ciencia con


Experimento de la ciencia con 1.0.1